Our Story

My fondest memories as a child was camping with friends and family.  Even though I'm going back 35 years, I can still recall some of these sunny summer days camped along a river and running around enjoying the outdoors.

28 years later, we have kids of our own.  Twins!  One thing I knew I wanted was to provide them with childhood memories they would cherish forever.  At that time we decided the best way to camp with infant twins was in a camper.  While this was great, its wasn't quite what we were looking for.  When they got a bit older we did a complete 360 and bought a ground tent.

Ground tents are great, but do have a couple drawbacks.  For me finding a good spot to set up was number one.  There always seemed to be a rock under me making it uncomfortable.  Another is the time it takes to set up a modern ground tent.  Not exactly what I wanted to be spending my time at when setting up camp.

Our next step was onto roof top tents.  There simply isn't a better way to camp.  It keeps you off the ground, you get a flat surface to sleep on with a mattress and is easy to set up and tear down.

It's been such an enjoyable experience, we decided to take what we have learned  and share it with others.  This is the beginning.  Rest assured, every product we offer and will add in the coming months will provide great value and functionality.  That's our promise.

We would enjoy hearing your stories and if you are reading this, are thrilled to have the opportunity to earn your business.  Please follow us on social media as we take this journey.  I'm sure it will be an interesting ride.